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How to Choose Gaming RAM in 2018 – What does RAM stand for in Computers?
What does RAM stand for in Computers? and How to choose the best RAM for your...
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Best PSU 2018 Update for Gamers? Best PSU for Gaming? What is PSU?
Best PSU 2018Update is here to show you What is the Best PSU for Gaming. If...
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Twitch Panel Ideas – What panels to add to your Twitch Channel?
If you have a Twitch Channel and you are Live Streaming your Games there, you may...
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HOW to add OBS Overlay? – 2018 Update
Now You have seen what is StreamElements and how you can create Twitch Overlays for your...
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What is the BEST Twitch Overlay Maker?
I looked for a good Twitch Overlay Maker for quite some time. I even considered buying...
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HOW to setup Twitch Overlay?
What is Twitch Overlay and how can you set it up? Twitch Overlay is a second...
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Optical vs Laser Mouse – Which one should I choose?
You have decided to choose a wireless Gaming Mouse or just an ordinary Wireless Mouse. Maybe...
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Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse
Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse. It is difficult to choose the best option. There is a good...
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Best Graphics Card 2018 | Best Graphics Processing Unit 2018
So what would be the Best Graphics Card 2018? As I am a Huge fan of Nvidia...
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HOW to choose the BEST Graphics Card?
Are you wondering how to choose the BEST Graphics Card or GPU? Look no further. In this...
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Graphics Processing Unit – GPU – Video Card – Graphics Card – WHAT are they?
What is Graphics Processing Unit – GPU – Video Card – Graphics card? In this article...
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Water Cooling vs Air Cooling vs AIO Cooler – Desktop PC Cooling System
So you have an awesome gaming PC but you are not sure should you but more...
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Best encoding settings for OBS Studio Software while Recording
You will at times want to record your Twitch Live Stream. There is an option to...
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Twitch Stream Chat Source – How to Use OBS Studio Software
Twitch Stream Chat Source is a nice addition to add to your Twitch Live Stream. To...
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Stream Alerts from Twitch – Twitch Alerts
Stream Alerts from Twitch are Handy and nice things to have in your Twitch Live Stream....
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What awaits you on EquilibriumEST Gaming?

I really love the topic of Gaming, Computers, Gadgets and Electronics therefore I decided to start this Homepage / Blog. I have also years of IT support Experience behind me and because of that I decided to share my knowledge and experience regarding described topics. In general I will present it in the following formats:

How does EquilibriumEST Play his games?

As EquilibriumEST I often play different games and I either love them or once in a while fail a lot, however this does not mean that I start hating the specific game – well maybe sometimes this has happened as well as I am also a Human 😀

As an example you will find below a small game fails video about one of the most liked/hated game – Battlefield 4

The Below buttons will lead you to my Favourite Games library where you can see in detail what in my view the top computer games of all time are furthermore under YouTube Game Series I have gathered large number of my YouTube Videosof game Lets Play Series.

EquilibriumEST - All my Games

EquilibriumEST - Youtube Series

All in all you can find me in almost any main social network so if you wish to speak to me either leave a comment here or contact me in Facebook, Twitter, Twitch or YT. Finally and Most importantly 

Enjoy, Have Fun and Game ON!

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