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Best encoding settings for OBS Studio Software while Recording

You will at times want to record your Twitch Live Stream. There is an option to get the recording of your Stream from Twitch, however personally i prefer to record in higher quality than that. Therefor I am using the perfect feature OBS Studio Software offers. Namely in OBS Studio Software you can set different settings for your Twitch Live Stream and your recording. So now the only question is – what are the Best encoding settings for OBS Studio Software while Recording.

Opening Output Settings – Best encoding settings for OBS

So to get to the Recording settings do the following:
• Open OBS Studio Software
• Select File > Settings
• From the opened Settings window select Output Tab (Step 1)
Output Mode: Advanced (Step 2)
• Under Output Tab select Recording. (Step 3)

Example of Best encoding settings for OBS Studio Software while Recording output


Output Settings – Best encoding settings for OBS

Following settings are my personal Best encoding settings for OBS Studio Software Recording:
Type: Standard (Step 4)
Recording path: Your preferred location (Step 5)
Recording Format: by default it is FLV but i chose MP4, due to the Video editing programs accepting it directly. (Step 6)
Audio Track: Tracks 2 and 3. This is because I am using track 1 in my Twitch Live Stream chat room talk and special channels for my video recording. (Step 7)
Encoder: NVENC H.264 This is the encoder of Graphics card. It works a bit differently than CPU encoding. I decided to divide it so that CPU encodes my Twitch Live Stream and Graphics Card encodes my video recording. All in all with good enough CPU one should be able to manage both, but why put the Hardware through torture. (Step 8)

Output Settings – Warning

The MP4 has its downside. Should your OBS Studio software crash, the recorded MP4 will be corrupt and therefor totally useless. FLV will endure the crash and you can still use the file even after crash, however i found it rather difficult to actually edit the file with any popular editing software. You can convert it to some more suitable format, but i prefer to record in 30 – 180 minute pieces in MP4 just to be safe and not to lose too much content, should anything happen.
it is recommended to use up to 15 minute videos in YouTube, however 15 minute letsplay – well i do it around 30 minutes. It would be much more convenient to record in 30 minute chunks, but sometimes I am too lazy and cut the longer video into episodes while I edit all the stuff.

Encoder Settings – Best encoding settings for OBS

Rate Control: I have chosen CBR or Constant Bitrate. Programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro etc, may have problems with variable BitRate videos. The sound can be way off sync in the video, so it will be a pita to fix. (Step 9)
BitRate: 30000. This will be different whether you chose CPU or GPU encoding. Namely CPU can for some reason create much nicer looking quality video with considerably lower BitRate. GPU encoded video however requires higher BitRate or else the video will be grainy and even a bit pixelated. (Step 10)
PS! The higher the bitrate the bigger the filesize.

Video Settings – Best encoding settings for OBS

Keyframe Interval: 0 or auto (Step 11)
Preset: High Quality. Who would not want a high quality video. (Step 12)
Profile: High (Step 13)
Level: auto (Step 14)
Use two-pass encoding: checked. File can be a bit smaller and quality a bit better. (Step 15)
Remaining settings I left to default. (Step 16)

Video Settings under Video Tab

When switching to Video Tab: (Step 17)

Example of Best encoding settings for OBS Studio Software while Recording output2

Base canvas: 1080p (Step 18)
Output Resolution: 1080p. I will not scale the video. (Step 19)
Downscale Filter: Default ie Bicubic. (Step 20)
Common FPS value: 60. Do keep in mind that 60fps video will result in twice as big file. For personal example: 30 minute video with given settings is 6.3 GB. So in my case the 4TB WD Caviar Black is not overly large at all. (Step 21)
• Press OK to Save the Changes (Step 22)

And there you go, these are my Best encoding settings for OBS Studio Software while Recording.

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