The review for ARK Survival Evolved dinosaurs game

ARK Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved dinosaurs game – The Review

This is the review for ARK Survival Evolved Dinosaurs game.

My Experience with ARK Survival Evolved dinosaurs game

Although the game was officially released in 2017, I have played this game when it was still in Beta state. All in all it was a fun game, especially when playing with your friends. I mean who would not like to hunt a T-Rex while hanging from the Claws of your friends flying dinosaur mount, while trying to shoot the big bad Rex. Expand your buildings and villages just to see it destroyed by even bigger and nastier Dinosaur that probably eats TREx’s for breakfast. The resource gathering etc can be a bit time consuming, but you can always set up your personal server, where you can set whatever multipliers you want. Personally we made gathering much faster and this made the game much more fun to play. Personally in such games I love building the most. Although it can be a bit tricky at times as the perfect snappoint for your wall etc just does not exist. As a result if you are anything close to a perfectionist, you will have to rearrange your whole building. But in the end it is still very fun.

After you have gathered too many different resources and tamed almost all the possible dinosaurs the game may become a bit boring in the end, but until then it is worth atleast some 10-20 hours of gametime.

Do I recommend ARK Survival Evolved dinosaurs game

YES – a very fun game to be played with friends! I point out with Friends, because this way it is the most enjoyable 😀 I Surely recommend!

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