Types of Computer Cases - what is the difference? (EQ Gaming)

Types of Computer Cases (EQ Gaming)

Looking into different Types of Computer Cases and cannot seem to decide what would you get? Well look no further. In the below blog post I will explain and describe a bit different types Example of Hardware - What is Computer Case for iconof Computer Cases.


What makes Types of Computer Cases different?

The most common Computer Case Type is Tower. The main difference between different types of Towers is their size. 

There are 4 types of Computer Towers:

  • Full Tower
  • Mid Tower
  • Mini Tower
  • Small Form Factor


Full Tower – Types of Computer CasesTypes of Computer Cases - full tower

Full Tower is the largest available case. The height of such case is in average around 56 cm (22 inches). The width and depth vary.  Due to its size, the Full Tower can fit large number of Hard Drives (6-10). Neither has Full Tower any problems fitting different types of Motherboards ie ATX, mini ATX possibly even mini ITX. With mini ITX you should confirm however that, that the Computer Case has attachment points that are usable by that Motherboard size.

Its size is the biggest bonus of such Computer Case. You can fit everything in and you have space to arrange cables and move things around. However this is bonus only when you do not move the Computer around often because as soon as you have to take it to places the biggest bonus becomes its biggest problem. For Gamer the Full Tower size is also important as you can nicely fit Full ATX Motherboard into it and put full sized Graphics Card or Cards there as well.


Mid Tower – Types of Computer CasesTypes of Computer Cases - mid tower

Compared to the Full Tower, Mid Tower is one step down in size . The Mid Tower height in average is around 46 cm (18 inches). You can fit less Hard Drives and the case is all in all smaller. Mid Tower usually fits the usual sized Motherboards (ATX, Micro ATX and ITX). The main difference however is the extra space. Things are packed much tighter in that case, so if you want to make changes it may require a bit more precision. Mid Tower cases are perfect if you like changing stuff in your Computer and participating in LAN Parties. 

The size of this case is just that much smaller that you can probably hold it under your arm normally (Full Tower is just big enough, that it is very uncomfortable to carry this way). Inserting large Graphics Cards can be a bit tricky due to limited space. To fit a full sized Graphics Card, at times Hard Disk Tray can be removed.


Mini Tower – Types of Computer CasesTypes of Computer Cases - Mini Tower

Mini Tower Case is smaller yet. The Mini Tower height in average is around 40 cm (15 inches). This case will fit Mini ITX Motherboards and usually also Micro ATX. Now this is a Computer Case that is perfect for you, if you do not often make modifications, if you are happy with a bit more basic setup and perhaps even limited amount of performance. It is a very good case if you use Computer just for internet browsing, use it as a Media Centre etc.

Basically this type of Cases have so limited space, that installing proper Computer Components will be a very tricky task. You would have to confirm every Component whether it will fit into the case together with others. If you would like to give it a try go ahead.  I have seen it done, but with difficulty.


Small Form Factor – Types of Computer CasesTypes of Computer Cases - Small Form Factor Case

Small Form Factor Cases are some of the smallest ones. As they come in a bit more different shapes and sizes, it is difficult to give average size for it. The main purpose for such cases is the small size. You can have a Basic Computer that fits anywhere and does not take too much space. Such Case usually fits only Mini ITX Motherboard or smaller. There is so little free space inside this case that fitting any usual Computer Component into it can be tricky. Everything just has to fit almost perfectly. You can use such case if you want to use this Computer for internet browsing, media streaming, text editing etc. This Computer unfortunately is just so small, that proper Computer Components to not fit into it.


My recommendations – Types of Computer Cases

As you may have realised I am a big fan of Fractal Design Computer Cases. I have been using the Fractal Design Define R4 which is the previous model of Define R5. The R4 and R5 are perfect for Gaming Computer that has it’s dedicated place and it is not moved around a lot. R4 is quite heavy and big enough, so that frequent transportation is a bit annoying. As I often go to LAN parties ie I carry my Computer Case around a lot, I put my Server in R4.

For my Gaming Computer Case I now use Fractal Design Define C. It fits normal ATX motherboard and is small enough, so that you can hold it under one hand while you carry your Keyboards etc in the other. Perfect Fit!

Reasons why I like Fractal Design Cases:

  • Looks good and professional
  • Not overly outstanding look (no unneeded led lights etc)
  • Good sound isolation
  • Support for water cooling
  • Neat cable organisation
  • Good Build quality
  • Dust protection
  • Free space inside the case

So all in all I do recommend these cases. From personal experience i would recommend going for Define C due to its a bit smaller size (easier to carry around)



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