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How to Choose Gaming RAM in 2018 – What does RAM stand for in Computers?

What does RAM stand for in Computers? and How to choose the best RAM for your Gaming Computer in year 2018?

What does RAM stand for in Computers?

RAM or Random Access Memory is a type of Computer Data Storage that stores temporary data that Programs use in their operation. RAM is a fast storage, with fast write and read speed. Because of fast speeds RAM makes the Programs work faster. RAM stores data only as long as the Computer is powered on. RAM will lose all the data stored in it as soon as Computer is powered off.

Main Parameters of RAM – What does RAM stand for in Computers

Main parameters of RAM are:

  • Type Standards
  • Size
  • Speed
  • Timing
  • Voltage

Type of RAM

Historically there have been different types and versions of RAM. The latest RAM standard is DDR4. DDR4 was preceded by DDR3 and DDR2. The last two are now somewhat ancient history. In case you are buying RAM for your Gaming Computer always make sure that the RAM standard is supported by the Motherboard (your Motherboard is DDR4 Motherboard)

Size of RAM

RAM size has change a lot through out time. In the past few megabytes of RAM was more than enough. However the numbers have changed a lot. At the moment the usual size for RAM is 4GB, 8 GB, 16GB per RAM stick. Most of the Motherboards support Dual Channel Memory however, and there for you may prefer to install at least 2 sticks of RAM. Do pay in mind that Motherboards also support limited amount of RAM. Usually it is 64GB.

Speed of RAM

The Speed of RAM is shown in MHz. As usual the faster the RAM the better. However from some point the extra speed costs so much more, that it is not really sensible anymore. Also Motherboards tend to support limited speeds for a RAM so there is not much point to buy faster RAM than your Motherboard supports. Although the RAM is usually backwards compatible, meaning faster RAM usually works on Motherboards that support slower speed.

Timing of RAM

The Timing of RAM is more of a technical parameter that does not make much difference. The Timing or Latency is usually marked with letters CAS or CL. Most of times the smaller number is better, however the real difference now a days is so small that you can freely ignore that parameter.

Voltage of RAM

Shows the RAM operating voltage. The smaller the number the higher quality the RAM is. Usually BIOS automatically sets the correct voltage for RAM, but you may set it manually as well. if You increase the BIOS provided voltage for RAM you can gain a bit more speed from RAM, however it is recommended not to set the voltage higher than 1.7V. Also be careful when overclocking your RAM this way. Too much Voltage can kill the RAM.

So what RAM to choose? – What does RAM stand for in Computers

Personally I prefer G.Skill and Corsair RAM. To fully utilise your available memory slots I would recommend installing RAM in pairs. 4x4GB  will be more than enough for normal Gaming Computer. If you however also do a lot of video editing etc, it is safer to go with 4x8GB.


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