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Story behind EquilibriumEST

I have been asked many times, where did I come up with the name EquilibriumEST. Some wonder why on earth do some people call me EQ and what the hell is EQ Gaming. Well in the below article you will get a quick glimpse into the history of EquilibriumEST (EQ).

Who is EquilibriumEST 

EquilibriumEST (EQ Gaming)  is my Gamer tag for some time now. It is also the name of my Brand EquilibriumEST Gaming (EQ Gaming). Under this brand and gamer tag I operate in:

…and many other more or less famous social environments. At times I stream the Awesome Games that I play on Twitch and whenever I do that I also create a YouTube Lets Play series for that game. I am also adding the embedded version of my YouTube Lets Play series playlist to my Homepage. Current selection can be found under YouTube Series Page. I mostly operate in YouTube, Twitter and on my Homepage.

I am a very TECH loving person, so I often read about new Gadgets, Computer Components etc. As I have many years of IT support experience behind me I am often helping out people regarding their Computer etc problems. Now I decided to share my knowledge and ideas with everyone else as well.

Above everything else however I am a Gamer by hearth and therefor I try to spend as much time playing different awesome games as possible. From my personal view the selection of top computer games of all time is a list of games that I own, have played through and that I may play through even one more time as they are awesome.

So wherever you wonder if I exist in a social environment just look for

  • EquilibriumEST
  • Equilibrium EST
  • EQ (EST)
  • EQ_EST

and you should find me if I exist in that social environment.

Where does the name EquilibriumEST Come from?

The Story behind this is quite simple. While i started playing computer games I had to choose a Gamer Tag. In 2002 one of my all time favourite movies Equilibrium (by Kurt Wimmer) was released. I watched Equilibrium many many times and that movie left an emotional mark. So the best gamer tag for me to choose was Equilibrium. Under this name i operated several years.

Years later when i decided to become somewhat a public person I added EST to my Gamer Tag. EST (not to be confused with Eastern Standard Time) being the official shortened version of Estonia  my home countries name so eventually my official Gamer Tag became EquilibriumEST. That leaves EquilibriumEST Gaming (EQ Gaming). Well to be more specific with my main area of activities, I added Gaming into my Brand Name. That is it 🙂

You may now wonder,

What the hell is EQ all about then?      

Well the answer is even more simple. Already when I used Equilibrium as Gamer Tag many of my friends (and at times even me myself) had problems pronouncing the full name that is Equilibrium. So one day my best friend started calling me EQ (not to be confused with emotional intelligence) and since then most call me EQ. Even now that my Gamer Tag is EquilibriumEST it is totally OK if you call me EQ  🙂

And this my awesome people, is the Backstory of my Gamer Tag (EquilibriumEST or EQ in short) and Brand Name (EquilibriumEST Gaming or EQ Gaming in short).

Also I would like to say Big THANK YOU to an awesome graphics wizard, who is behind all my Brand art – @Pr3vise – do check him out if you would like to have really good gamer avatars etc made by a professional.

Youtube and Twitch Header of EquilibriumEST Gaming (EQ Gaming)
The YouTube and Twitch header for EquilibriumEST Gaming (EQ Gaming)

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