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About EquilibriumEST

Who is EquilibriumEST?

I am Gamer, YouTuber and all in all Tech Nerd. At times I am also a Twitch streamer. Most of my time I spend playing different Awesome Computer Games and looking up awesome Tech – including gadgets, Best Gaming Desktop Components etc.

I love Fantasy, Sci-fi and RPG settings and as a result many of my games fall into these categories. I have to point out however that i do play games from almost every category and as a result there should be something for everyone.    

Most of my posts relate to Gaming, Computers, other Technology and Gadgets. This is all due to the fact that I have been working in the IT industry for over a 15 years and I have been gamer even longer.

So be assured, all the content is high quality as it is based on years worth of experience and knowledge.

What awaits you on EquilibriumEST page?

I really love the topic of Gaming, Computers, Gadgets and Electronics therefore I decided to start this Homepage / Blog. I have also years of IT support Experience behind me and because of that I decided to share my knowledge and experience regarding described topics. In general I will present it in the following formats:

How does EquilibriumEST Play his games?

As EquilibriumEST I often play different games and I either love them or once in a while fail a lot, however this does not mean that I start hating the specific game – well maybe sometimes this has happened as well as I am also a Human 😀

As an example you will find below a small game fails video about one of the most liked/hated game – Battlefield 4

The Below buttons will lead you to my Favourite Games library where you can see in detail what in my view the top computer games of all time are. Under YouTube Game Series I have gathered large number of my YouTube Videos of game Lets Play Series.

All in all you can find me in almost any main social network so if you wish to speak to me either leave a comment here or contact me in Facebook, Twitter, Twitch or YouTube. Finally and Most importantly 

Enjoy, Have Fun and Game ON!

EquilibriumEST System Spec

Here you can find my Gaming and Video editing PC Spec. In case you are wondering what sort of a machine I am running to play, stream and record my Gameplays. I built this whole computer myself. While doing it I also put together a small Beginners guide to Computer Hardware. In that guide I explain what Gaming Computer Components I chose and why. My computer spec you can find below:

My System Spec

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