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How to start streaming on Twitch

On this page I will talk about what is Twitch and how to start streaming on Twitch.

What is Twitch? – How to start streaming on Twitch 

Twitch or Twitch.tv is an online Environment / Service that people use to show other people their gameplay. I say Gameplay because Twitch mostly concentrates on Gaming Content. There is now however a new approach called Twitch Creative. Twitch Creative allows also artists and other people to show how they are creating art such as paintings, sculptures and anything similar. So the content on Twitch is not limited to Gaming only. However Gaming is still the cornerstone content on Twitch.  

Twitch has a lot of people creating content. Last i checked there were around 2 million unique monthly Streamers on Twitch. Around 1% of these Streamers are aslo earning money by using the Twitch Partner Program. Twitch was purchased by Amazon in 2014. Currently the main competitor to Twitch is the world famous Google product called YouTube. Due to different reasons hower Twitch is still considered to be nr1 in Streaming world.

You can watch different Twitch Streams by either using Twitch app that is available for many different devices or simply by going to Twitch.tv

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 How to start streaming on Twitch?

Well there are several things you need to have and do. I will explain this from the PC Gamer perspective. You may ask why PC? I am a PC Gamer by Hearth and Sould and therefor I will share the knowledge I have gained first hand.

Things that you have to have:

  • Time and patience – The process of becoming noticable with your Twitch Stream takes Time and a lot of Patience.
  • Hard Work and Money – You have to Work Hard, Play Hard and have enough money to keep your Computer up to date and to pay for the games etc.
  • For a PC Gamer your main weapon of choice will be a Gaming Computer. There will be no Streaming without it ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Another thing you cannot Stream in Twitch without is Internet. Do keep in mind, that for proper 1080p Stream you would need atleast 10 Mbps inte
  • Games - How to start streaming on Twitch
    rnet upload speed.
  • A must have is also a Twitch Recording Software (Twitch Streaming Software)
  • You will have to have a non pirated copy of the game. According to Twitch Code of Conduct – Streaming of Pirated Games is Not Permitted. Do Support the developers for their hard work and Buy the Games You Love.  

Personal experience – How to start streaming on Twitch

Here I will describe my personal experience with Twitch Streaming. Things that have Failed and all in all dangers.

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Where Streaming Can Fail

What do I mean by Where Streaming Can Fail? Well there may be different reasons for that. Fails can be Technical: Loss of internetMalfunction of the ComputerCrash of the game Fails can also be more of a human action related: Your friends play a joke on youyou forget to doRead More →


Hardware – How to start streaming on Twitch

Here I will explain in more detail the Hardware requirements for Twitch streaming.

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What is Twitch Streaming – Hardware know how

What is Twitch Streaming? What are the Hardware requirements for Twitch Streaming?  So What is Twitch Streaming? As already explained earlier Twitch Streaming is showing your Gameplay to live audience. Gaming content is not the only thing on Twitch. The awesome Twitch team introduced a Creator side, where you canRead More →


Software – How to start streaming on Twitch

Here I will explain in more detail the Software options and Configuration for Twitch Streaming.

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Best Free Streaming Software

In order to stream on Twitch you will need a specific Live Streaming Software. So what would be the Best Free Streaming Software to start with.  OBS – Open Broadcast Software – Best Free Streaming Software OBS is my personal Favourite. Open Broadcast Software or OBS in short. I have toRead More →

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Stream Quality – How to start streaming on Twitch

Here I will list things to Pay Attention To While Streaming. Things that either improve or worsen your Twitch Stream Quality.

Do’s and Dont’s in Twitch – How to start streaming on Twitch

Here I will list things that you should definatly NOT do during your Streams and what you SHOULD do.


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