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About Equilibriumest (EQ Gaming)

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Wondering who is EquilibriumEST? Well I am Gamer, YouTuber and all in all Tech Nerd. At times I am also a Twitch streamer. Most of my time I spend playing different Awesome Computer Games and looking up awesome Tech – including gadgets, Best Gaming Desktop Components etc. I love Fantasy, Sci-fi and RPG settings and as a result many of my games fall into these categories however I have to point out that i do play games from almost every category and as a result there should be something for everyone.    


System Spec – About EquilibriumEST

Here you can find my PC Spec – In case you are wondering what sort of a machine I am running to play, stream and record my Gameplays:

System Spec


Sponsors – About EquilibriumEST

Here you can find all the awesome people that I co-operate with: