Best Free Streaming Software - How to start Streaming (EQ Gaming)

Best Free Streaming Software

In order to stream on Twitch you will need a specific Live Streaming Software. So what would be the Best Free Streaming Software to start with. 


OBS – Open Broadcast Software – Best Free Streaming SoftwareOBS - Best Free Streaming Software icon


OBS is my personal Favourite. Open Broadcast Software or OBS in short. I have to warn you that it is not the easiest to configure however I plan to publish here my guides to

  • configure the OBS Software
  • use this powerful Live Streaming Software tool.

Until then however, let me tell you what you can expect.


The user experience of Open Broadcast Software – Best Free Streaming Software

Although at First glance it might be a bit frightening as OBS is highly configurable and offers many cool features you can use in your Live Stream it is still one of the best free tools I know. With OBS You can

  • Live Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other services.
  • You can Streaming however you can also Record your Screen.
  • You can use both your CPU power and GPU

    The Best Free Streaming Software OBS Window

For example you can use your CPU to Live Stream your game and at the same time you can use your GPU to Record the Screen with different settings. This is awesome because Live 

Streaming to Twitch is usually done in much lower quality than you would like your Recorded Video to be.


Configuration possibilities for the Live Streaming Software OBS –  Best Free Streaming Software

This is the Best Free Streaming Software Twitch Logo

Like said before – OBS is highly Configurable. With OBS you can:

  • Configure Live Streaming to use CPU and Screen Recording to use GPU
  • You can create numerous Scenes (BRB, going live, and anything else you can think of)

in your scenes you can display:

  • Game Content
  • Text windows
  • Images
  • with 3rd party tools you can display countdown etc
  • Videos

What I personally love about OBS Live Streaming Software is the option to create separate voice channels for your Live Stream and Video Recording. This allows you to speak to your Twitch Live Streaming Audience without recording this to your Video (In case you would like your YouTube video be nice and clean ie without the Twitch Live Stream Chat Chatter)


In Conclusion I would say OBS – Open Broadcast Software is the Most Powerful Live Streaming and Screen Recording tool available!


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