What is Twitch Streaming - How to start streaming on Twitch (EQ Gaming)

What is Twitch Streaming – Hardware know how

What is Twitch Streaming? What are the Hardware requirements for Twitch Streaming? 


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So What is Twitch Streaming?

As already explained earlier Twitch Streaming is showing your Gameplay to live audience. Gaming content is not the only thing on Twitch. The awesome Twitch team introduced a Creator side, where you can show your crafts and skills in other areas. At least as long as Twitch Streaming Rules allowed it.


Hardware Requirements for Streaming – What is Twitch Streaming?

Although as many stream from Consoles, I will leave this topic to the Console Peasants – joking ๐Ÿ˜€ we are all Gamers, but let the Console Gamers share theirHardware Example for What is Twitch Streaming knowledge regarding streaming from consoles. 

Here I will talk about Computer Hardware needs for Streaming. The base line is – the better your Computer the better. The minimum requirements are however:

  • Core i5-4670
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Graphics Card that is able to run your games (good if it supports directX 10 +)
  • Internet Upload speed of 3MB/s 

These are minimum requirements. The problem comes from the fact that your Computer does not only have to run your Game in a nice high detail graphics. The Computer has also an important task to mange the video stream that is sent to Twitch. Some Software offers a feature to either assign your CPU or GPU to the task. CPU is usually the first selection. However as Nvidia Graphics Cards usually come with Shadowplay feature, you can also assign this task to your GPU. Depending of the stream quality the extra load on CPU or GPU can either start affecting your Stream Performance or drop in your Game FPS. Therefor I would recommend more Powerful Computer.

Elgato example for What is Twitch Streaming

As an Example my current PC setup more or less allows me to stream in medium quality, play games in high quality in most cases and I can also record my Gameplay it rather high quality.

This can be remedied by using Two Computer setup (1 Gaming PC + 1 Streaming and Recording PC) or one possibility is also using and external capture card for Elgato 

for example. As I personally use 1 PC setup however, I will recommend using that, at least in the beginning. For Gaming PC ideas check out My Computer Hardware Guide page


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