Where Streaming Can Fail and Succeed (EQ Gaming)

Where Streaming Can Fail

What do I mean by Where Streaming Can Fail? Well there may be different reasons for that.

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Fails can be Technical:

  • Loss of internet
  • Malfunction of the Computer
  • Crash of the game

Fails can also be more of a human action related:

  • Your friends play a joke on you
  • you forget to do something you should
  • you do something you should not do.


Technical Fails – Where Streaming Can Fail

Where Streaming Can Fail - offline

The Technical Fails are as the name says – technical. You cannot do much about them, but you can at least somewhat turn the Fail into a bit more tolerable situation. Whatever happens, if you had any audience enjoying your game play and entertainment, do try to let them know you are having some technical difficulties right now. Although your internet or Computer may be down, you still have your mobile devices and letting people know you are offline will not take much effort. You can also inform your watchers whether you will be back any time soon, or if the problem is a bit more serious. Like I said before, there is not much you can do against Technical Fails. You can make sure to have Proper Gaming Computer. For that do check out my GUIDE

From my own experience I luckily have not had any issues with my Computer or Internet, however Game Crashes are a frequent annoyance. So keep Your mobile device at hand just in case ๐Ÿ™‚

One thing to remember – do not panic! Should you panic and start just running around aimlessly – well, it will not help in any way. Keep calm, inform your audience and try to fix the problem as soon as possible.


Human Fails – Where Streaming Can Fail

Human Fails cover more or less everything that is left after Technical Fails. If you have some nasty, a bit annoying friends, be ready for everything ๐Ÿ™‚ Again not much you can do about this topic – Friends are friends no matter what they are like. Now this leaves mistakes that you can make yourself. These are something you can do something against, though again, stuff happens.

So what can you mess up while streaming? Well most are minor things really, but annoying still. There are however also some more serious ones:

  • You can forget to start the stream
  • Your Microphone may accidentally remain either muted or not muted – each option can be bad
  • As the game crashes often your desktop is shown – do not keep personal stuff open
  • You may accidentally show wrong screen – again this may reveal stuff you would prefer to keep private.
  • While using webcam you can accidentally reveal your personal information, such as home address, phone NR, real name and much more. This may not be a problem when you are a small time Streamer, but when you become famous – well you would prefer to keep your distance. There are a lot of bad and nasty people around unfortunately.

Fails that I have caused myself:

  • I have accidentally forgotten to start the stream while I started the game, noticed it only when people in the chat were wondering if all is OK ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Fail that can be most annoying – You forget the microphone on when talking about some personal stuff you would prefer to keep personal – oh well ๐Ÿ™‚


Where Streaming Can Fail Unity



What can you do? Well concentrate, pay attention to what you are doing. Try to follow specific steps that become your daily Streaming procedure. DO NOT share your personal information freely.



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